Documentary Short – Charging the Red Desert – Press Kit

Logline: A filmmaker travels through the outback in an electric vehicle to test the new charging infrastructure. The trip doesn’t go to plan and reveals if Australia is really ready for the new era of transportation. Synopsis: Just 3% of Australia’s cars sold in 2021 were electric, compared to 18% in Europe and up to 77%…Read More

Quality journalism in the digital age: the evolution and opportunities for innovations

A research project by Eve Cogan with the University of Technology Sydney. Introduction and Research Focus Recent literature confirms what those working in journalism have recently experienced: the rise of digital media has irreversibly changed the industry. Over 3000 Australian journalism jobs have been lost since 2011 (Dawson et al., 2020), revealing that the business…Read More

Academia meets journalism: my internship with The Conversation

It’s bad timing that as I begin my career, journalists are some of the least trusted but most widely read professionals. Conversely, academics are some of the most trusted yet least understood. Australian news publication, The Conversation, confronts this problem – as I’ve experienced interning with them for the last two weeks in Melbourne. As…Read More

‘Gov 2.0’ on the Rise: How this Beachside Community is Adjusting

Coogee local, Delia Harrington, used to complain to herself when she noticed an overflowing bin at the beach. Now, she reaches for her phone and opens an app.  “It’s an empowering idea – just snapping a photo, sending it through to Randwick Council, and getting a notification when it’s solved.” Delia’s local Council is becoming…Read More

Plastic to Wool: an Australian Woman’s Packaging Revolution

Audio Transcript Upturning the global packaging industry with a sustainable solution may seem like an impossible task, but for Australian entrepreneur Joanne Howarth, it’s just a part of her defiant way of life.  Howarth is one of the 2020 Cartier Women’s Initiative seven winners. She has received this global honour for founding Planet Protector Packaging…Read More

Cyber Security Threat: Australian Health at Risk

Global technology experts warn of growing cybercrime as the Australian health sector faces attack. “It feels like someone broke into my home, and even though the locks have been changed, it still somehow feels dirty.” Sami Laiho was a victim of the 2020 cyberattack on the Finnish psychotherapy company, Vastaamo. His data, including transcripts from…Read More

Goodbye, School of New York Times

My life came to a grinding halt on Friday the 13th of March. I’m not a superstitious person, but that is when I left New York City. I was not meant to be home until the end of this year. I cried when I saw the email: the School of New York Times was shutting…Read More

Video: Wi-Fi – An invention that has changed the world

My video is about the Australian inventors of Wi-Fi and their legal struggle against the IT giants of the world. Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP, Toshiba, Netgear, ASUS, Fujitsu, Nintendo and more. I included part of my interviews with the Wi-Fi inventors, Dr John O’Sullivan and Dr Terry Percival. This is my final primary school…Read More