Video: Find Out What New York Times Journalist Thinks Really Happened to MH370

In October my favourite aviation journalist and one of my good friends, Christine Negroni, did a fascinating speech on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 and her new book “The Crash Detectives” at Sydney’s world-renowned Powerhouse Museum. I received the exciting honour of introducing Christine to the crowd of keen aviation fanatics! In her book, Christine covers many air crash investigations relating to MH370 and her own fascinating theory on the event. Christine’s theory coincidentally is similar to something I mentioned on my blog shortly after the plane disappeared – see

In Christine’s speech she covers a lot of ground, comparing MH370 to Sully Sullenberger’s miracle on the Hudson, uncovering misconceptions in the blockbuster movie “Sully” (including Bob Benzon’s role in Sully’s investigation),  and finally recommends the airline industry should include more hypoxia training so an accident like MH370 never happens again. The second half of the video is a question and answer section. This is where Christine is peppered with questions and her aviation knowledge really shines. My video ends with a picture of Christine, Tom Sonter (the man who discovered the wreckage of the first commercial airliner to disappear in 1931) and me.


You can order The Crash Detectives here (print)
Or the audio book, here



  1. Stephanie Tobertson on 17/12/2017 at 6:11 am

    Good to hear from you again Eve. Congratulations on your introduction to Christine Negroni’s very intresting presentation – so natural , succinct, relevant and well timed!

  2. kixToory on 21/12/2017 at 10:15 pm

    Ja Sie das Talent:)
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