Academia meets journalism: my internship with The Conversation

It’s bad timing that as I begin my career, journalists are some of the least trusted but most widely read professionals. Conversely, academics are some of the most trusted yet least understood. Australian news publication, The Conversation, confronts this problem – as I’ve experienced interning with them for the last two weeks in Melbourne. As…Read More

Fireworks over Zoom: Goodbye 2021

Connection was not what I expected to feel as I sat alone this year New Year’s Eve in covid close contact isolation. But, as I live-streamed Sydney’s fireworks from my laptop, I did feel connected. The pillowy booms through my speakers were echoed by the sounds of fireworks exploding over the beach near me, and…Read More

2020: A Crash Course in Abandoning Expectations

Looking back on 2020, my expectations for the year reminded me of a Renaissance landscape painting: perfectly planned realism, somewhat predictable but undeniably beautiful. The reality of this pandemic year has been more like an abstract portrait: pushing the boundaries of reality, unexpected, somewhat confronting but holding a beauty of it’s own. My Renaissance landscape…Read More

Goodbye, School of New York Times

My life came to a grinding halt on Friday the 13th of March. I’m not a superstitious person, but that is when I left New York City. I was not meant to be home until the end of this year. I cried when I saw the email: the School of New York Times was shutting…Read More

Thank you 2018!

As I brace for my last year of high school and the truly uncharted future that awaits after that, I’ve taken some time to reflect on what 2018 has brought! In 2018 I stepped up to senior high school, and I have had a chance to grow my leadership skills. Through leading school events, especially…Read More

Reflection on 2017

In 2014, after my first year of high school, I published my “Looking back at Year 7” blog and unknowingly started a yearly tradition for myself. I have come to appreciate this little tradition because now I can go back and read them to remember the things that excited me and the challenges I faced…Read More

My Reflection on 2016

Happy 2017! The fireworks over Sydney Harbour last night were great. 2016 has drawn to a close, so with this in mind, I have taken the time again (as I blogged in 2014 and again in 2015) to look back on some highlights of my past year. My school St Vincent’s College has a yearly production,…Read More