About Eve Cogan


Welcome to my blog!

I’m Eve – a Greek Australian journalist and multi-media producer based in Sydney, Australia.

As a journalist, I’ve worked with the School of New York Times and The Conversation, and currently, I work for ABC and contribute to Central News. I’m particularly interested in covering science, technology and the environment. For more of my journalism, please continue to my Twitter.

I’m also a passionate multi-media producer, making my first documentary at ten years old and winning FlickerFest Junior at 11 years old! These days, I am a part of the production team for SSW TV (with over 33 000 subscribers). I also have creative experience as a cinematographer, working on a UTS adaption of The Haunting of Hill House. For more of my media production, please continue to the Film + Media Arts page at the top of this blog.

For some history, my earliest posts feature my interest in aviation. My number one video on YouTube is my interview with Captain Richard De Crespigny. As a child, I spent a lot of time endeavouring to have David Warren – the Australian inventor of the black box – recognized by having an airport named after him. I successfully named the headquarter of Defense Science and Technology in Canberra the David Warren Building.

For more about me, please connect on social media!