It’s Official! The David Warren Building Opens

Today on a beautiful day in Canberra, Tuesday the 25th March, 2014, Dr David Warren was recognised by the Canberra Airport! It was so fulfilling seeing the first recognition of David Warren in our nations capital, Canberra. Thank you Stephen Bryon for taking this step and I liked your speech today. Up until now only Qantas has done something so visible to honour this great Australian inventor  (6 years ago Qantas named one of their huge A380’s after him in 2008).

All todays speakers mentioned that their thoughts where with the victims of MH 370. It is an interesting co-incidence that today is the same day that Malaysia’s Prime Minister announced that “All lives are lost,” as the plane had crashed in the southern Indian Ocean and 227 passengers, 2 pilots and 10 crew on the Boeing 777  were too far from any landing area. The mystery is left unsolved until the black boxes reveal some of the secrets.


Dr Alex Zelinsky (DSTO), Eve Cogan (myself), Jenny Warren (David Warren’s daughter), Stuart Robert MP and Jenny’s son.


David Warren’s new plaque.


David Warren’s plaque (closer).


Australian Minister Stuart Robert’s s speech was inspirational (He is a MP, Assistant Minister for Defence). I thought it was funny how his voice was so loud, they had to turn the mic off :-)


Stephen Bryon is the man who made this happen. He said that I was very persistent and he got 4,000 emails from everyone who voted on my petition. Thank you everyone!


Ken Fraser and I. Ken worked with David Warren at the DSTO and had lots of good memories of David.


Me with my award from Stuart Robert MP. He said “only princess get this” :-) so I am more than thrilled to show my mum this.

I feel like this is a great step towards the ultimate goal. Maybe another Australian Airport will take the big step, I can only hope that Sydney gets a second airport soon and they call it the David Warren Airport.