Across Continents and Beyond Comfort Zones: My 2023 Experience

Happy New Year! 2023 was a milestone year for me academically, as I completed my double degree in Communications (Journalism and Media, Arts and Production) and Creative Intelligence and Innovation. This year, I focused only on my second degree, engaging in interdisciplinary collaborations and tackling real-world challenges with innovative approaches. My work with organisations like…Read More

Travelling to a utopia: Auroville, India

Do you believe that a society can exist with perfect human unity? Well, I’ve just returned from a community founded on this intention. My month in India was one of the most challenging of my life and one of the most transformative. Auroville was founded in 1968 by the Mother (inspired by Sri Aurobindo) as…Read More

Happy 2023! A reflection on 2022

It is wonderful to enter 2023 without the COVID-19 boundaries that wrapped up early 2022. I’ve just returned from a music festival teeming with people, and it was something of a 2020 fever dream! The festival was a fitting way to celebrate after finishing my first degree (Journalism and Media Arts and Production), which was…Read More

Documentary Short – Charging the Red Desert – Press Kit

Logline: A filmmaker travels through the outback in an electric vehicle to test the new charging infrastructure. The trip doesn’t go to plan and reveals if Australia is really ready for the new era of transportation. Synopsis: Just 3% of Australia’s cars sold in 2021 were electric, compared to 18% in Europe and up to 77%…Read More

Quality journalism in the digital age: the evolution and opportunities for innovations

A research project by Eve Cogan with the University of Technology Sydney. Introduction and Research Focus Recent literature confirms what those working in journalism have recently experienced: the rise of digital media has irreversibly changed the industry. Over 3000 Australian journalism jobs have been lost since 2011 (Dawson et al., 2020), revealing that the business…Read More

A hopeful ecofeminist ecology in Mad Max: Fury Road

Studying culture at the University of Technology Sydney gave me a chance to explore this iconic Australian dystopia film with regard to some of my favourite topics: environmentalism and feminism. If you don’t mind the academic language, hopefully, you find it as fascinating as I did! Applying an ecofeminist critique to contemporary science-fiction texts can…Read More

Academia meets journalism: my internship with The Conversation

It’s bad timing that as I begin my career, journalists are some of the least trusted but most widely read professionals. Conversely, academics are some of the most trusted yet least understood. Australian news publication, The Conversation, confronts this problem – as I’ve experienced interning with them for the last two weeks in Melbourne. As…Read More

Who Gives a Crap about Toilet Paper?

The complex system of toilet paper production and consumption is not something most people consider, but it has a monumental impact on our health, wellbeing and environment. The average toilet paper roll uses half a kilo of wood and 140 litres of water (Statista, 2018). What’s more, each Australian uses 88 rolls of toilet paper…Read More

Fireworks over Zoom: Goodbye 2021

Connection was not what I expected to feel as I sat alone this year New Year’s Eve in covid close contact isolation. But, as I live-streamed Sydney’s fireworks from my laptop, I did feel connected. The pillowy booms through my speakers were echoed by the sounds of fireworks exploding over the beach near me, and…Read More

Cultural Identity in Films of the Indigenous Pacific

Amid rising prominence of the Indigenous-focused Fourth Cinema, the people of Aotearoa and Pasifika have become influential contributors, creating films that not only provide critical perspectives on their postcolonial identities, but also celebrate their cultures and differences. This depth is evident in the film Vai (2019), which was collaboratively directed by nine Pasifika women, and Taika Waititi’s Hunt…Read More