Documentary Short – Charging the Red Desert – Press Kit

Logline: A filmmaker travels through the outback in an electric vehicle to test the new charging infrastructure. The trip doesn’t go to plan and reveals if Australia is really ready for the new era of transportation.

Synopsis: Just 3% of Australia’s cars sold in 2021 were electric, compared to 18% in Europe and up to 77% in Norway. In a bid for a cleaner energy future, NSW has constructed a charging network from beachside Sydney all the way to the outback town of Broken Hill. Travelling in a Tesla, we speak to experts and locals along the way to discover how well Australia is adjusting to EVs.

Directed and produced by Eve Cogan

Eve Cogan is a journalist and multi-media producer based in Sydney, Australia. She specialises in covering science and technology and is passionate about the Australian environment. More about Eve Cogan.

Editing and sound design by Sunday Jones-Evans

Sunday Jones-Evans is a multimedia producer and editor based in Sydney, Australia. She specialises in documentaries and is passionate about finding beauty in both urban and natural landscapes. More about Sunday Jones-Evans.

Camera and cinematographer by Kalsey Jay Goodall

Kalsey Jay Goodall is a photographer and cinematographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has extensive experience in production for marketing, storytelling and photography and enjoys projects that bring him out on adventures. More about Kalsey Jay Goodall.

Key Stills


Directed and produced by Eve Cogan

Editing and sound design by Sunday Jones-Evans

Camera and cinematographer by Kalsey Jay Goodall

Sam Farraway

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, NSW National

Charles Dalglish 

Mechanic and electric vehicle enthusiast in Little Hartley, NSW

Anna Glen

Electric vehicle owner based in Bathurst and Sydney, NSW

Jamilia Hume

Artist based in Nyngan, NSW

Natalie Thompson

Senior Policy Officer at the Electric Vehicle Council

Peter Abbot 

Mayor of Cobar, NSW

Maree & Alistair Baker

Motorbike enthusiasts, travellers from Victoria

Glen Neill

Mayor of Bogan Shire in Nyngan, NSW

Dione Carter 

Local of Nyngan, NSW

Angie Bush

Local of Nyngan, NSW

Dr Anika Molesworth (audio only – image supplied)

Climate-minded farmer and electric vehicle owner in Broken Hill

Special thanks to Adam Cogan, owner of the car and beloved road trip participant.

Made at the University of Technology Sydney 2022.

Creative Commons Music References 

I’m Ok You’re Ok – By Sayuri Hayashi Egnel – Epidemic Sound

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  • Duration: 14:45
  • Release year: 2022
  • Genre: Participatory documentary 
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Frame rate: 25 fps
  • Sound: 2-channel stereo


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