Video: Wi-Fi – An invention that has changed the world

My video is about the Australian inventors of Wi-Fi and their legal struggle against the IT giants of the world. Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP, Toshiba, Netgear, ASUS, Fujitsu, Nintendo and more.

I included part of my interviews with the Wi-Fi inventors, Dr John O’Sullivan and Dr Terry Percival.

This is my final primary school project for Year 6. It is called S.K. Austin. It is the biggest project for our school and Year 5 and Year 6 participate.

Last year in Year 5 I produced David Warren’s Black Box video. I was lucky to receive a “Highly Commended” award. I also have 4,200 views on YouTube, which is pretty cool. Even though I have had almost 3,700 people sign my petition – I still need more signatures. Australia should have an airport named in David Warren’s honour.

This year I chose Wi-Fi and I did a lot of research. I chose this topic because Wi-Fi has changed the world, as it gives us freedom to be on the internet without any wires. In fact, because I am only 11 years old, I have never not had Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi was invented in 1997, but the story begins much earlier when Dr John O’Sullivan was researching black holes. This project failed, but it is not the end of his story. Dr O’Sullivan was offered some new projects and one of them appealed to him. Making a wireless internet connection that was as fast as wires/cables. Dr O’Sullivan told me that at the time, CSIRO were looking to try working on some commercial projects. Projects that might make some money for CSIRO. He was very keen to choose a project and form a winning team.

Dr O’Sullivan told me it was not so much choosing who he wanted on his team, but attracting them by telling them how cool the project was.

Dr Percival said that when they saw the first laptops, they believed there would be a future need for internet without cables. They were not frightened of the task ahead and they knew that the knowledge they had gained from the prior black hole project would help them.
Dr O’Sullivan formed a great team and they invented a number of clever mathematical algorithms and an auto-correct system in the Wi-Fi router for the missing data.

Dr O’Sullivan’s team went from this big thing to this tiny thing

Dr O’Sullivan’s team went from this big thing to this tiny thing


Success. The biggest companies in the world now use their technology. Known today as Wi-Fi, which makes a wireless connection in more than 3 billion laptops, mobile phones and other devices.

The Wi-Fi super group.

The Wi-Fi super group: John Deane, the business man, John O’Sullivan, Diet Ostry, Terry Percival and Graham Daniels

What amazing Australians! They sure would be a lot more famous if they could kick a ball a long way or a drive a car very fast around a track, many times in a row. My mum didn’t know Wi-Fi was invented in Australia, but what is worse is my dad didn’t either and his job is in IT!

Thank you CSIRO for creating the Radio Physics division. I don’t want to be a radio astronomer, but they definitely are smart and Australians need to remember that without these five great inventors, they would not have fast wireless internet every minute, every day, everywhere they go in the world.

To see the rest, including the legal struggle, watch my video.

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– Eve