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How often do you use plastic cutlery? This is not a question we often ask ourselves in our gleamingly convenient modern societies. I only began to ask myself this question in the last couple of years. And once I noticed, I couldn’t seem to unnotice. Lunch out with friends – plastic cutlery. Birthday party dinner – plastic cutlery.…Read More
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Nothing in life is certain, but death. Or is it? With technology improving at an exponential rate, human-made afterlives may soon be within our reach. Through my comparative analysis of  the Bible and the “Black Mirror” episode “San Junipero” at school – St Vincent’s – in my English class this term, I discovered much about…Read More
In Year 8 this year at St Vincent’s, I have had to create many videos for my assessment tasks, even Maths. This video is for geography and it was made on Premier Pro and PowToons. “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach the man to fish, and you feed…Read More
I have had some emails asking me how I made my latest Wi-Fi video. Making this video was definitely challenging and fun and much less work and stress than my last David Warren Black Box video. I wanted to make it shorter and more interesting, with great cutaways and tell the Wi-Fi inventors story, in a more…Read More
My video is about the Australian inventors of Wi-Fi and their legal struggle against the IT giants of the world. Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP, Toshiba, Netgear, ASUS, Fujitsu, Nintendo and more. I included part of my interviews with the Wi-Fi inventors, Dr John O’Sullivan and Dr Terry Percival. This is my final primary school…Read More
Let me tell you about my proudest school project. This initially started off as a project for my school. It’s the S.K Austin Award and it’s the biggest assignment that we get in year 5 and year 6. It is a very prestigious award at Claremont College as it is dedicated to one of the…Read More
Enjoy my Tunguska video and tell me how it could be improved. For my school project, I had to choose a natural disaster and find an interesting way to present it. I wanted to select an event that no one else in my class would choose, so I went through a list on Wikipedia with…Read More