My Tunguska Documentary by 10 year old Eve Cogan

Enjoy my Tunguska video and tell me how it could be improved.

For my school project, I had to choose a natural disaster and find an interesting way to present it. I wanted to select an event that no one else in my class would choose, so I went through a list on Wikipedia with my dad.

My dad knew of most and the others did not stand out to me as something I wanted to spend the next 7 weeks working on.

Somehow I later came across the Tunguska explosion. It sounded very interesting to me and my dad had not heard of it.

I have seen a lot of documentaries (in fact an entire series of air crash investigations) and really wanted to create my own, to explain this Tunguska event.

I wrote a script and wanted to use iMovie, but my dad insisted I learnt how to use Adobe Premier Pro. I think that made it much harder, but I am very pleased with the result. The most fun part was filming in the Green Screen room. The worst part was staying up so late doing all the final editing. I was really tired.

I produced a new version every Sunday and lots of people gave me suggestions to make it better. Thank you to:

  • George Doubinski – thank you for your Russian voice to make my video sound authentic
  • Sue Hawkins – thank you for your wonderful suggestions on music. I didn’t go with the Final Countdown, but I think you will agree that Aerosmith sounds dramatic
  • David Reidy – thank you for being patient and explaining all that information on Comets, Asteroids and Tunguska, in terms a 10 year old can understand
  • Anastasia Cogan – thank you mum for making sure I was well feed
  • Adam Cogan – dad thank you for all the people you know and for paying for my Adobe Premier lessons
  • Mr Joseph Paton – thank you to my teacher for pointing out all the mixed measurements and for correcting my grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Ms Meg Thompson – thank you for being my extension English teacher and helping me with all the initial planning and working me with on my schedule.
  • Marlon Marescia – Thank you for helping me get my documentary video on Youtube and for the tips on using the right words for google
  • Raj Dhatt – thank you so much for giving up 7 Sundays and being fun when we were so tired.

I thanked you all in the credits.