This week I started school again. At school I found myself reflecting on Year 7 at St Vincent’s College. I had just turned 12 and my first year of high school was a year to remember! At the beginning of the year I was overwhelmed by all the differences between primary school and high school,…Read More
I am very happy to announce that I have come 3nd this year for the Randwick City Lionel Bowen Young Writers’ Award 2014. This is the second time I have placed in this prestigious competition against hundreds of great young writers. I blogged my prior success in 2012. This year as soon as we got home…Read More
This year, I decided to enter the Lionel Bowen Young Writers Award 2014 again. This is my second time entering a poem the competition and after my unexpected win in year 5, I doubt I’ll be second time lucky! Despite this, I’ve again tried my best to create a great poem. This years rules were that…Read More
I wrote this speech for my Year 7 English assessment at school. It was worth 25% of my grade. It was well received by the students. I couldn’t record it at school, but this is the practice I did before.Read More
My Music Assessment for Year 7 is done. We had a music assignment to make a jingle and an ad for a product of our choice. This was the first time I was wholly behind the camera and I enjoyed filming and directing. I worked with Tilly Francis, Gemma Mazzola and Stella Wailes and our…Read More
I have just finished my first term of high school at St Vincent’s College, Potts Point, Sydney. It is known as SVC or Vinnies. St Vincent’s College is definitely a place that you feel the proud traditions and rich history. I want to tell you how my first term has been and later you can compare with a letter…Read More
I spent the Easter break at a farm in Scone near to where my dad grew up. One night we had the biggest bonfire ever. It was at least 6 metres tall. After letting it burn for 3 hours we came back to a much smaller, but still roaring fire. It was a great night…Read More
UPDATE:  I won it! — I decided to enter the ‘Young Writers Competition’ this year. This is my first time entering, so I don’t expect to win, but I’ve really tried my best to create a great poem. The only rules were that I had to involve the words ‘treasure’ or ‘reading’ in my work.…Read More