As I brace for my last year of high school and the truly uncharted future that awaits after that, I’ve taken some time to reflect on what 2018 has brought! In 2018 I stepped up to senior high school, and I have had a chance to grow my leadership skills. Through leading school events, especially…Read More
My immersion to an indigenous community in Western Australia was an experience that will forever be a significant event in my life. It is very hard to put into words, but I can say I’m immensely grateful. Through my learning and investigations post returning, my understanding of myself and of First Nations Australians, has deepened. (I…Read More
  Last week my year 11 class brought to life – on the St Vincent’s College stage – our own rendition of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. It was a tremendous amount of work and I am extraordinarily proud to say it was a huge success! It was my first time directing a play and…Read More
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Nothing in life is certain, but death. Or is it? With technology improving at an exponential rate, human-made afterlives may soon be within our reach. Through my comparative analysis of  the Bible and the “Black Mirror” episode “San Junipero” at school – St Vincent’s – in my English class this term, I discovered much about…Read More
In 2014, after my first year of high school, I published my “Looking back at Year 7” blog and unknowingly started a yearly tradition for myself. I have come to appreciate this little tradition because now I can go back and read them to remember the things that excited me and the challenges I faced…Read More
Happy 2017! The fireworks over Sydney Harbour last night were great. 2016 has drawn to a close, so with this in mind, I have taken the time again (as I blogged in 2014 and again in 2015) to look back on some highlights of my past year. My school St Vincent’s College has a yearly production,…Read More
Year 8 is over, and before I begin Year 9 I want to again reflect (as I did for Year 7) on the highlights of last year, 2015. I have never had such an exciting year to reflect on! The year started well for me at the St Vincent’s Swimming Carnival. If you asked me…Read More
My video explains unachievable beauty that photoshopping creates. The video’s goal is to inspire young girls to *not* diet and exercise in the name of beauty, but in the name of health. This is my Assessment for St Vincent’s College, Year 8 Term 3 for Physical Health and Development (PDH). Enjoy! -EveRead More
In Year 8 this year at St Vincent’s, I have had to create many videos for my assessment tasks, even Maths. This video is for geography and it was made on Premier Pro and PowToons. “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach the man to fish, and you feed…Read More