Year 7: My First Term at St Vincent’s College


I have just finished my first term of high school at St Vincent’s College, Potts Point, Sydney. It is known as SVC or Vinnies.

Our swimming carnival was 2nd week of school.

Our swimming carnival was 2nd week of school.

St Vincent’s College is definitely a place that you feel the proud traditions and rich history. I want to tell you how my first term has been and later you can compare with a letter written by Y. Keary 77 years ago (back in 1937 when she was also in year 7 at SVC).

My first term at SVC has been a full on, action packed and super exciting start to high school. I have loved every moment of it! With so many new things to learn and to try, I don’t know how I am going to keep this up for the next six years!

I have gone from Claremont College in Randwick where I knew all 360 students and every room in the school, to a school that is roughly 4 times larger, with 2 tennis courts and a swimming pool and  double the number of students. I started the term a little nervous as I only knew one other girl at this school. I was worried the girls in my tutor group wouldn’t like me, people in my class wouldn’t want to befriend me or I would just get lost in this large school and make a fool of myself… None of the above turned out to be a problem. The girls is my tutor were lovely and eager to make sure I felt welcomed. People in my class all turned out to be in the same boat as me and were happy to meet new girls. As for getting lost, it happened, but the girls around the school were always making sure I knew where I was going and the teachers were very helpful and forgiving.


On top of my normal schooling I learnt that there were a myraid of additional things you can sign up for. So I made an enthusiastic start joining:

Welcoming the year 7 students

Welcoming the year 7 students

  • Co-curricular drama of course,
  • Dance,
  • Water polo,
  • The school production of Peter Pan (I’m the only year 7 student. #scary ),
  • The Dance ensemble,
  • IGSSA swimming,
  • The SRC (Student Representative Council),
  • Debating,
  • The PR (public relations) club

I might be over committed, I’m not sure, but I also took on the role of making a video, representing my house Aikenhead. And there is still one club left to join, it is called ‘Snippets’ the video making club…).

Receiving communion from Headmistress Fay Gurr

Receiving communion from Headmistress Fay Gurr


I was lucky to come to Vinnies on the Ex-Students Union Scholarship. So there are some special people I owe a huge “thank you” to. Without these people, I would not have had any of the opportunities I have today. The Ex-Students Union of St Vincent’s College is headed by Mrs Francoise McCallum (Renault). Without this scholarship, I would have never come to St Vincent’s and experienced all the amazing opportunities that this wonderful school community has to offer.

eve4This scholarship was introduced in 1994 and I feel privileged to have been invited to one of the best schools in Sydney!  All I can hope is, I make this fine school proud.






a letter written by an ex-student of St Vincient's College (SVC), known only as Y. Keary. It was written in 1937 and shows how life was.

A letter written by an ex-student of St Vincent’s College (SVC), known only as Y. Keary.
It was written in 1937 and shows how life was. SVC became a secondary school in 1882, and assuming that high school was for 6 years, she was in Year 7. Like me she has another 6 years to go!
If she was in Year 7 and 12 years old, then she would be 89 years old today. (12 + 77 years ago)



  1. Stephanie Robertson on 27/04/2014 at 10:43 pm

    Congratulations on obtaining the scholarship Eve.I am totally confident that you will make the most of it!

    I expect a letter written on a similar subject by a little Yr. 7 girl in 70 years time will be very similar. These exciting new experiences never grow old!


  2. Selwyn Garwell on 29/04/2014 at 11:11 pm

    Congratulations Eve and good luck! I am sure you will do famously.Just don’t overextend yourself and burn out!
    All the best,
    Selwyn Garwell

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