Perfect Match


I spent the Easter break at a farm in Scone near to where my dad grew up. One night we had the biggest bonfire ever. It was at least 6 metres tall. After letting it burn for 3 hours we came back to a much smaller, but still roaring fire. It was a great night and while I looked at the embers I had an idea for my first children’s fairytale.

I hope you like it… I like you to tell me at which line the penny drops for you.


“I’m not tired Mum! Please tell me the rest of the story and I’ll go straight to bed,” exclaims my little girl.

“All right then… But straight to bed after Ok?”

She nods vigorously.

“Now where were we…”

“They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. That’s why when Marsh and Coco looked into each other’s eyes for the first time, they didn’t look away. Their souls locked in an unbreakable bond. A bond of love.

“Of course, love doesn’t exist, well… not without complications…

“Coco was strong and dark. He was very hot and had a warm first impression but some would say, a bitter after taste.

“Marsh was small and fair. She was soft and sweet and completely mushy inside but came across as a little cold…

“No one had ever done anything like this where she had come from. No one had fallen in love. Love and marriage is chosen by parents.

“True love just can’t be stopped. That’s why Coco and Marsh met the next night by the light of the full moon. They danced all night to the sound of the wind. They knew it was true love when they looked into each other’s eyes and it felt like no one else existed. True love.

“Every month at the time of the full moon, they meet and danced until the sun’s rays peeked through to glimpse their secret love and force them to run away back home…

“It was coming to the time when Marsh was to be married. Her mother introduced her to many fine, rich men, one of which took a great great fancy to her…

“He was fat, pink colored, dry skinned and completely full of himself. But worst of all… He was old.

“Marsh’s mothers liked him and told her that she was to be married.

“A full moon passed. Then another and another and another… She did not go to see her love. Her soul turned cold. Her purpose gone. Her heart broken…

“Meanwhile Coco waited. He refused to give up on his love. When she did not come that first time, his heart was broken, but he continued to wait. He did not feel like he had much else to live for, so he waited. He waited so many moons his body became weary and tired and his warm soul began to cool…

“One afternoon Coco heard the chapel bells ring.

“When day passed to night, the full moon showed herself. Coco’s deep voice cried out

‘Sweet Marsh, why have you left me?’

“Collapsing to the ground his words echoed up the valley to the chapel. Marsh stood taking her vows.

‘Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?’ muttered the priest staring down at his script.

“There was a pause as Marsh’s husband-to-be licked his gold tooth grin. A silent tear fell down her cheek.

“Suddenly Coco’s words reached Marsh’s ears and memories rushed back through her mind. Courage of true love took to her tongue.

‘I don’t. I don’t take him to be my husband! May I live a thousand years alone, but I will never-never take him to be my husband!’

“With these words, Marsh hitched up her skirt, ran down the aisle, down the hill to the ground where she and Coco had danced by the light of the full moon… oh so long ago.

“Looking up at the midnight sky, the moon caught her attention. Full and bright, it seemed to smile down at her.

“She cast her glance down to the ground that she stood upon. Not far in front of her feet, lay the body of her long lost love.

“With all the strength she possessed, she ran towards Coco. Her breath so ragged it choked her, her tears running so fast down her face they blinded her.

“Holding his cold body in her arms, she whispered

‘Am I too late… Too late to save you..?’

“Suddenly Coco began to move. He smiled at her. This simple smile meant a thousand words, those words could be summed up… I love you.

“And with what little energy that had left, they embraced each other. At that moment, they completed each other. His bitterness was sweetened by her. Her coldness was warmed by him. Perfect match.”

“But mum, how do you know they were the perfect match?” my daughter states crossing little arms over her chest.

“You can see for yourself,” I smile.

“Can see what?”

“Darling you can see for yourself, and see that they are the perfect match!”

“But how? Where do they live?”

I laugh to myself as I stand up and walk to the kitchen.

A minute later I walk back into her room holding a cup of steaming hot coco and a marshmallow. Her brow furrows in confusion.

“Mum, this is weird. I want to know about Coco and Marsh… Oh!” the penny finally drops.

She takes the cup of coco and sips it carefully. When she takes the drink away from her lips, a milk mustache forms on her upper lip. She licks it off speaking to her cup.

“Oh Coco, you are strong and dark… But mum is right. You do have a bitter after taste,” she smiles.

She takes a small bite off the marshmallow, once more thinking about the story as she chews.

“Your right mum,” she plops the marshmallow into her hot chocolate.

“At this moment, they have completed each other. Perfect match. Mmmmmmm, the most perfect match I’ve ever tasted!”


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  1. Tracy Blake on 25/04/2014 at 7:45 pm

    Loved reading the perfect match!
    It made me smile and brought back fond memories.
    Hope you all had a nice Anzac Day

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