Poem: Where the Land Meets the Sea

This year, I decided to enter the Lionel Bowen Young Writers Award 2014 again. This is my second time entering a poem the competition and after my unexpected win in year 5, I doubt I’ll be second time lucky!

Despite this, I’ve again tried my best to create a great poem. This years rules were that I had to involve the words “coast” or “bush” in my work. I have also tried to give the reader a shock.

The judges will let us know at the end of November who the winners are. My little sister Ruby has also entered a piece of writing, so I hope she does well :-)

I hope you enjoy it (comment if you guessed what the poem was about).

Where the Land Meets the Sea

I peer beyond my toes and see
The place of nature’s splendour
Its wonder and its charm
The home of nature’s forceful, furious command
The place that has always loved me
This is where the land meets the sea

I see the water – vivid, dazzling turquoise
Feel the colossal, coarse wall of stone
Smell the sweet, pure air
Taste the crisp, ocean salt
Hear the majestic walls of water crash against the stone
This is where the land meets the sea

I see the waves break stone to sand
Feel the shiver of the water’s draught
Smell the bitter, ocean’s salt burn
Taste the faint spray of the water’s sweet revenge
Hear the combat of earth against waves
This is where the land meets the sea

Just one last leap
This coast, my final place
I do not feel like I thought I would
The weight has finally lifted
This coast, the only place that has ever loved me
This is where the land meets the sea

By Eve Cogan – Year 7 – 12 years old – St Vincent’s College


  1. Stephanie Robertson on 25/10/2014 at 12:10 pm

    Eve, I’m afraid it sounds to me as though you end up drowning yourself! I hope this is not the case. I’ve tried to think of more positive results but I can’t! It is a very descriptive poem to me about a place I hold dear – a little cove on Valla Beach. I’m looking forward to hearing what DID happen. Good luck with it in the competition.

  2. Shea on 18/11/2014 at 10:38 am

    This is really good eve! I enjoyed it ! Are they old and wanting to die there ? What’s the narrators story?

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