Today, 20th March, would have been the birthday of David Warren – the Aussie who invented the “black box” or Flight Data Recorder. I have told many of David’s stories and to celebrate today, I will tell a more recent achievement of this amazing man. In September 2016, David Warren was post-humously awarded the International Civil…Read More
Last week I entered a writing competition. I love English and my school encouraged all students to enter the Whitlam Institute’s “What Matters” Writing competition. This blog post is my entry (it is actually a longer version than what I entered into the competition). I found cutting my document down to fit in the 600…Read More
“They are going to have to rethink the logic of how they keep the flight recorder going.” Captain De Crespigny’s prophetic warning 2 years before MH 370. (See  5:02 in above YouTube video) I interviewed Australia’s most famous pilot, Captain Richard De Crespigny 2 years ago in 2012. In that youtube interview he said that the…Read More
Today on a beautiful day in Canberra, Tuesday the 25th March, 2014, Dr David Warren was recognised by the Canberra Airport! It was so fulfilling seeing the first recognition of David Warren in our nations capital, Canberra. Thank you Stephen Bryon for taking this step and I liked your speech today. Up until now only…Read More
Yesterday was Dr David Warren’s birthday. He was born on the 20 March 1925, so he would have been 89 if he was alive today. He would be very concerned about the still unresolved Malaysia Airlines MH370 as it enters its third week without answers. On the other hand I think he would be very…Read More