Video: Interview with Alicia Fejer (Lish) and Eve Cogan on Canberra Radio ABC 666

Lish from 666 ABC Canberra asked me to tell my story. It has been a while since I have been on radio, so you can just imagine my excitement when I got an email from Sunday Brunch radio host in Canberra, Lish Fejer! List told me she was running a segment on the topic “black” and would love to have me in to talk about my experience with the black box (btw that isn’t even black #oitnb ?).

During the interview I talked about Canberra Airport, Sydney Airport, Stephen Bryon, Christine Negroni, Dashcams and my new adventures. It was an exciting experience going to the ABC studio in Sydney for the interview ☺️

I enjoy every radio interview I do as it helps get a little more recognition for David Warren, who should be known as a great Australian :)))

Here is the interview and a few photos. Enjoy❤️





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