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How often do you use plastic cutlery? This is not a question we often ask ourselves in our gleamingly convenient modern societies. I only began to ask myself this question in the last couple of years. And once I noticed, I couldn’t seem to unnotice. Lunch out with friends – plastic cutlery. Birthday party dinner – plastic cutlery.…Read More
In 2014, after my first year of high school, I published my “Looking back at Year 7” blog and unknowingly started a yearly tradition for myself. I have come to appreciate this little tradition because now I can go back and read them to remember the things that excited me and the challenges I faced…Read More
Year 8 is over, and before I begin Year 9 I want to again reflect (as I did for Year 7) on the highlights of last year, 2015. I have never had such an exciting year to reflect on! The year started well for me at the St Vincent’s Swimming Carnival. If you asked me…Read More
I am very happy to announce that I have come 3nd this year for the Randwick City Lionel Bowen Young Writers’ Award 2014. This is the second time I have placed in this prestigious competition against hundreds of great young writers. I blogged my prior success in 2012. This year as soon as we got home…Read More
Today on a beautiful day in Canberra, Tuesday the 25th March, 2014, Dr David Warren was recognised by the Canberra Airport! It was so fulfilling seeing the first recognition of David Warren in our nations capital, Canberra. Thank you Stephen Bryon for taking this step and I liked your speech today. Up until now only…Read More