Exciting news: Canberra Airport gets the “David Warren Complex”

I am so happy to tell you about some exciting news… And no, it is not Australia winning a Gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

For those who have been asking for an update, thank you for your patience.

I was travelling home from my new school (St Vincent’s College Potts Point) yesterday when I checked my inbox and there was an amazing email. The email said that Canberra Airport will name a building after the great Australian inventor David Warren!

From: Michelle Knighton
Date: Friday, February 21, 2014
Subject: The David Warren – QANTAS A380
To: Eve Cogan
Cc: Adam Cogan

Good Afternoon Eve

I spoke with your Dad yesterday and he kindly provided me with your email address.

I work for Stephen Byron, who you spoke with last year regarding David Warren. Stephen travelled recently and happened to see this aircraft as he was waiting to board. He thought you might like to see this picture.

I mentioned to your father that we would be sending further information about an upcoming event. This event involves the renaming of a building within the Fairbairn Precinct at Canberra Airport to be called The David Warren Complex. The Assistant Minister for Defence, Mr Stuart Robert will be conducting the ceremony to be held on Tuesday 25 March 2014.

A formal invite will be forwarded to you shortly which will have further details regarding the event.

Please free to give me a call.

Kind regards

Michelle Knighton
Executive Assistant | Canberra Airport

Many of you will remember that I created a video documentary about David Warren and his Black Box. Over 3,000 people signed a petition agreeing with me, that David Warren should be recognized for his great invention, that has changed aviation safety for the better.

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was speechless. Yes, what I really wanted was an Australian airport named “The David Warren Airport”… but the complex at Canberra’s Airport is definitely going to help more people know his name and hopefully many will quickly google his name and find out why he’s a great Australian.

Thank you to Managing Director Stephen Byron who made this happen.

This has been a great step forward for enabling David Warren to be recognized by ordinary Australians. Maybe one day the bigger step will be taken and an Australian airport will be named after David Warren. I hear that Sydney may soon have a second airport… :-)

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. I feel like we have won a Silver medal at the Olympics. Tell your friends to vote on my petition and help us win a Gold medal for Australia’s great inventors.