Yesterday I was interviewed by Peter Dick and Mary Collier on Brisbane Radio 4BC


4BC logoThis time was different to my last interview. This time there was no warm up, they rang my house and said

“Is this this the residence of Eve Cogan”

No one has ever said that, so my mum said “What?”

I came out of the shower and into the phone interview for Breakfast with Peter & Mary.

Peter and Mary from 4BC logoI found it a little bit confusing when Peter was talking to me, because sometimes he was talking to Mary and because I couldn’t see where he was looking, I didn’t always know who he was talking too. This put me off a little bit.

This interview was definitely harder than the other interview because the questions were difficult and I wish I had of told David Warren’s story more to convince their listeners, how important his invention was, to all of us. I hope their listeners watch the video and then decide to vote for the airport to be called the David Warren Airport, Canberra.

Listen to the interview.

This morning, I got called up again by Peter and Mary and put on air for my opinion on another plane related story. “Eve what do you think about a proposal for pilotless planes?”.  Seriously would anyone get on a plane without a pilot? I wouldn’t and if you aren’t sure, read the book QF32 by Richard de Crespigny

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