The two most famous pilots in the world vote for my petition

I have some wonderful news to share with everyone: The two most heroic pilots in the world have voted on my petition.

First, Captain Sully, he is the pilot of the first successful water landing on the Hudson River in New York, when he had lost both engines.


You can Google: Hero Pilot and he is #1

Read more about Captain Sully.

Second, Australia’s Captain De Crespigny, he is the most famous A380 pilot in the world. He and his co-pilots saved the Qantas A380 that had 80% of its systems degraded.


You can Google: Hero Pilot A380 and he is #1

Read more about Captain Richard here ( and here (, or you can watch my interview with Captain De Crespigny.

When I received an email and tweet from Captain Sully, I was so excited. If you are like my mum and don’t know this great pilot, please watch this video. I love his serious answers. I smiled when he answered the question about praying.

Both captains have sent me lovely emails of support and posted publicly on their Twitter and Facebook pages. It makes me feel that I am on the right track with my petition.

Votes from pilots are even more important when you know the history. Back in the 1950’s when David Warren was trying to sell his idea to the aviation industry, the people who gave him the most resistance were the pilots and the Australian Government.
I have had hundreds of pilots sign my petition and send me emails and tweets of support. I think I can safely say I have the pilots on my side.

My Petition

Dr Warren is an amazing man. I hope you watch my video on David Warren and consider voting on my petition.

I think he is Australia’s greatest aviation hero. If you have Twitter, please retweet the two Twitter links above
if you have Facebook, please click “Share” on Captain Sully’s post  

Thank you for reading.