The pilot who saved the Qantas A380 – Captain Richard De Crespigny Interviewed by Eve Cogan

I interviewed Captain Richard De Crespigny, the pilot who saved the Qantas A380 that had an engine failure when it took off from Singapore. Together with the co-pilots they managed to land the plane safely. Imagine knowing you brought all 469 passengers home safely.

This interview covers that flight, Roll Royce (the maker of the faulty engine), his book QF 32 (which I enjoyed reading) and his thoughts on David Warren, the inventor of the Black Box.

Since I released my last video, on David Warren’s Black Box, the response was overwhelming.

I have 2000 votes so far. Thank you so much. At the end of the video I have put together a request for you, to tell those who have not voted yet, to vote.

Please support my Petition ( for an Australian airport named “The David Warren Airport”, after the great Australian scientist who invented the black box.

I know that naming an airport is not a small thing, however other countries have honoured great people such as:

  • The Tesla Airport in Belgrade, Serbia
  • The John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, England
  • The Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy

I want every time a politician gets off at the Canberra airport, they are reminded that this is a country of innovation and great inventions and the kids of today will be making the discoveries of tomorrow.

Josh Fox summed up my thoughts perfectly, in his comment on my petition:

“Because we should remember and praise our scientists and inventors at least as much as our sports heroes and politicians.”

So let the owners and the government know, if you have not signed, or you know someone who travels by plane and benefits from David Warren’s invention, please urge them to sign.

I’m Eve, and together we can achieve.


  1. Ela & Ian Fuller on 03/01/2013 at 11:50 am

    Hi Eve,
    Your Dad, my first cousin and your Mum can explain our family connection.
    Your Grandfather & My Mum, Jean Brown ( nee: Cogan ) were brother & sister.
    We and your other cousins ( our kids and grandkids ) have enjoyed your enlightening videos and support 100% your efforts towards naming the Canberra Airport after David Warren.
    May we suggest you contact the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach, Queensland because I am sure they will be interested in your campaign.
    They may also reach ( or help you reach ) more supporters through their contacts.
    Coincidently, one of the Founders of Qantas, Sir Hudson Fysh, is a ( 3rd? ) cousin of Ela’s.
    His autobiographical books ( two or three ) tell the history of how Qantas started and through to ( almost ) present times. Very interesting!
    The Qantas Founders Museum has several interesting stories I am sure but the only one I have read,so far, is about the Qantas Catalina Flying Boats.
    See website: Click on ” the Secret Order of the Double Sunrise.” The story of the highly secret use of Catalinas “Cats” to overcome the Japanese blockade of the air during World War 2. Remember there were very primitive communications so this physical link was absolutely necessary – and at great physical risk!
    Also Sir Hudson’s uncle, Sir Philip Fysh was the Premier of Tasmania at the time of Federation and not only had a big hand in supporting the soon to be Commonwealth of Australia but became a Minister in the new Federal government
    and went on to serve the nation as Agent General, a diplomatic post.
    I believe he was one of the founders of our Federal Constitution also.
    It is after Sir Philip Fysh that Fyshwick, an industrial suburb of Canberra is named.
    We look forward to further projects you will undertake because you make them so interesting.
    All the best to all your family in 2013 – I’m sure we will catch up.
    Fondest regards,
    Ela & Ian Fuller

  2. William Mc Kellar on 04/01/2013 at 6:38 am

    I new Dr Dave Warren and he once wanted to give me an early “Black Box” however, I would not except it as I told him it was to important and should be in an aircraft museum

    He was a wonderful person and a truly great Australian inventor

    The naming of the Canberra airport after him would be a fitting reccognitioin for his great invention that has solved many aircraft crashes and saved many lives

  3. LaVonne R. on 05/01/2013 at 12:59 am

    You are a remarkable young lady, Eve! Your petition has caught the attention of Captain Sully Sullenberger (a possible future interview subject, perhaps?) who posted the link on his Facebook page. That’s how I heard about this. I wish you success!

  4. Stuart Rutherford on 11/01/2013 at 6:33 pm

    Well done Eve, fantastic work! Good luck for the future and remember to always follow your dreams.

  5. Chris on 14/01/2013 at 10:38 pm

    Hi Eve, I don’t want to come across as a “party pooper” especially due to your young age and journalistic zeal, but Captain De Crespigny was ONE of FIVE pilots on the fight deck that day. Ergo, he was ONE of the FIVE pilots who helped save QF32 and not THE pilot who saved QF32.

    I have posted this comment because so many journalists over sensationalise aviation articles. eg the aircraft plummeted towards the ground when in actual fact it may have displaced vertically a couple of hundred feet due to some mild turbulence. This over sensationalism extended to Sully when he landed on the Hudson. Sorry, but he is not a hero but he is an outstanding pilot who did an excellent job in extraordinary circumstances. To paraphrase his own words, he trained his who life for that one landing.

    Eve, I hope you read this as positive criticism and not in a negative context. I wish you well in your endeavour in becoming a 60 Minutes reporter but I also hope you aim higher than just that. I would imagine you have your journalist idols so look to them for inspiration as well as 60 Minutes (Woodward and Bernstein, Andrew Ollie, Mike Willisee, Darryn Hinch (yes cringe) for integrity and tenacity). I have not used the term heroes because it is overused and in the wrong context; sporting heroes, the phone company who encourages Herograms (or is it Herogrammes) to be sent to the Olympic athletes.

    Good luck with your studies in your chosen profession and yes I voted for Dr Warren International Airport.



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