The pilot who saved the Qantas A380 – Captain Richard De Crespigny Interviewed by Eve Cogan

I interviewed Captain Richard De Crespigny, the pilot who saved the Qantas A380 that had an engine failure when it took off from Singapore. Together with the co-pilots they managed to land the plane safely. Imagine knowing you brought all 469 passengers home safely.

This interview covers that flight, Roll Royce (the maker of the faulty engine), his book QF 32 (which I enjoyed reading) and his thoughts on David Warren, the inventor of the Black Box.

Since I released my last video, on David Warren’s Black Box, the response was overwhelming.

I have 2000 votes so far. Thank you so much. At the end of the video I have put together a request for you, to tell those who have not voted yet, to vote.

Please support my Petition ( for an Australian airport named “The David Warren Airport”, after the great Australian scientist who invented the black box.

I know that naming an airport is not a small thing, however other countries have honoured great people such as:

  • The Tesla Airport in Belgrade, Serbia
  • The John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, England
  • The Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy

I want every time a politician gets off at the Canberra airport, they are reminded that this is a country of innovation and great inventions and the kids of today will be making the discoveries of tomorrow.

Josh Fox summed up my thoughts perfectly, in his comment on my petition:

“Because we should remember and praise our scientists and inventors at least as much as our sports heroes and politicians.”

So let the owners and the government know, if you have not signed, or you know someone who travels by plane and benefits from David Warren’s invention, please urge them to sign.

I’m Eve, and together we can achieve.