My School Captain Feet Washing Induction Ceremony

At the end of last year, a few children from my school were selected to do a School Captains speech, an opportunity to explain why they would make a great school captain.

I was lucky enough to be among the 12 children selected to give this speech. I spent a lot of time preparing a speech to be given in front of the whole school, hoping that everyone would like it. By the time the day came to deliver my speech, I was nervous but relieved because I knew exactly what I wanted to say and was confident enough to make my speech without palm cards to prompt me.

On the last day of school, at our prize giving Speech Day, the announcement was made that I had been voted in as the Girl School Captain for 2013. I was so honoured that so many students had placed their faith in me, it was the proudest moment of my life. Our school has one girl and one boy School Captain. We also have two prefects, and House Captains and Vice Captains for each of our four houses. Finally, we have a Band Captain, a Choir Captain and a Chess Captain.

When we returned to school this year, we had an induction ceremony to swear in all of the elected captains and prefects. It was a beautiful ceremony full of references to the Bible. Our principal, Mr Thomas, explained to us, that is our duty as leaders to serve others.  Our principal then washed our feet, just as Jesus had washed the feet of his disciples.

This story from the bible demonstrates how humble Jesus was, by washing the feet of his disciples. This was a task performed by lowly slaves. It is even more powerful when you realize the Jesus washed Judas’ feet, even though Jesus knew he was considering betraying Him. You can read more about the story here.


Here are our leaders for 2013.

School Captains:   Eve Cogan and Finn Tainsh

Prefects:    Sarah Moore and Joshua Vouris

House Captains and Vice Captains:
– Hyland:  Harry Bird and Zac Elphick
– Austin:  Scarlett Jamieson and Emmanuelle Tobiana
– Storey:  Matthew Ng & Patrick Babbage
– Wearne: Alicia Armstrong and Caleb Reed

Band Captain:  Elliot Wong
Chess Captain:  Sam Dabb
Choir Captain:  Tim Ford

I hope you enjoy the video of our awesome induction ceremony.

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  1. Joel from Canada on 21/02/2013 at 10:01 am

    Congrats Eve!!!

  2. OJ on 21/02/2013 at 1:55 pm

    Congrats Eve! We don’t have anything like this in Croatia…

  3. […] years ago my sister Eve was also School Captain, she inspired me and I know I have big shoes to […]

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