I just did my first Radio Interview with ABC Canberra 666

ABC logoI did my first radio interview today and it was a wonderful experience.

I was interviewed by Genevieve Jacobs. I really did not know what to expect, but she was really nice talking to me before the interview saying things like “Don’t worry if you make a mistake”

And asking me lots of little easy questions. I found I got used to talking to her and I felt comfortable.

Genevieve JacobsDuring the real interview she started asking me my personal opinions and I felt excited that she was really interested in what I thought.

It was fun to know that my petition was taking off and the radio interview was going to get more support in the city of the airport.

After the call finished Genevieve chatted with me some more and I knew she was really kind then.

I liked how she laughed and I felt she really enjoyed talking to me.

Listen to my interview.

An expert’s opinion

Then there was a second interview.

Geoffrey ThomasUp until now I have not heard from experts about my idea, so I was interested to hear Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas’ opinion. He liked my idea which was great.

Listen to his interview.

I really don’t mind hearing people that disagree with me. Before they disagree all I ask is that they first watch my video on David Warren.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my interview and you will sign my petition to have this great man remembered.

Genevieve has also written a nice article about our interview.