10 Things About Me

I am back at school and it is very exciting because we have a brand new classroom and two very dedicated teachers. At school we were asked to write down “10 things about yourself”. I hope you like it.Eve-Cogan-10-Years-Old

1. I know the power of a smile. One beaming smile from a stranger can improve my day, so I always like to smile.

2. I know everyone has a story. I want to hear it. Simply asking someone where their accent is from, could be the start of a story about how they managed to escape death on a refugee ship. I’ve learnt so much just listening to people’s stories.

3. My favourite place to be is underwater. I like it because it’s the closest thing to zero gravity and it has never-ending peace. There is no need to breathe, the only thing heard is the steady beat of the heart. Not knowing which way is up but not really caring. Being cradled in the water, swaying with the waves.

4. I want to learn something new every day. This might be because I’m afraid of leaving the world not knowing all of it secrets or because the world is too amazing to miss a day not learning about it.

5. I like to read. When I read I lose track of time and am taken into the world of the book. I love to listen to other people reading to me, their voices morphing into the voices of the characters. With all its glory and magic it just feels so real!

6. I love to write. When I start to write, it rolls out of me like a wave. My only boundary being how fast my pen may move. My stories are mostly distorted versions of my dreams, but still it comes from my imagination, the birth place of all magic.

7. I like to find magic in everyday life. I love to look up at a plane and think how amazing it is, that it stays up there. Or have you noticed that when you turn a jar of hundreds and thousands upside down, some stick to the top and defy gravity. That is everyday magic.

8. I believe the most picturesque scene the world has to offer, is a moonlit night over water. There is nothing more I can say, it describes its own beauty.

9. I have an interest in aviation and planes. I like the feeling of being in a plane, knowing it took so many years to develop and become safe enough to fly the travelling public. Man has always wanted to fly, it was a dream since ancient times and now it is a reality that we can all enjoy.

10. My lifelong goal is to do and see as many things as I can. My favourite quote is:

“In the end it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took,
but how many moments, took your breath away.”

By Eve Cogan
11 years old, Sydney, Australia

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