Update: I received a call from the Managing Director of Canberra Airport

I have had so many people ask me for an update. Rather than answer all my emails one by one, I will tell you all at once. I received the call I have been waiting for. It was from Stephen Byron, the Managing Director of Canberra Airport and while I didn’t get a “yes” yet, it is a start.

Of course I had hoped he would say that he agreed with me and the 3,000 people who supported me. However I have been talking to so many people and have heard so many opinions and I know that renaming an airport is not an easy thing to do. Stephen was really nice and spoke to me for quite some time. He knew of my petition to name his airport “The David Warren Airport” and he knew that Dr Warren had invented the black box and done so much for aviation safety around the world.

Stephen said he didn’t know of my video, but said he will look it up and watch it. This is good news, as I hope he will learn some more about David Warren and how amazing he was and that he was never credited enough.

He said he was still considering my idea and gave me some reasons that concerned him.

The first reason is that it already has a name, “The Canberra Airport” and that Australia does not generally name airports after people. I have already had this argument with my dad who  already had told me that he would not want someone to tell him to rename his software company. I think a small company is very different from an airport that everyone uses. I told Stephen about the “Sydney Airport” and how it has an alternative name “The Kingsford Smith Airport” which gives it a nice personality. For the Sydney Airport both names are used, so the “Canberra Airport” name would not be lost at all.

The second reason Stephen told me, is that Dr David Warren’s Black Box invention, is only spoken about in the event of a crash. He said that there are people that are scared of flying and this will further frighten them.
I think this has been the main reason why David Warren missed receiving more recognition and this is very unfortunate and unfair because flying is safe today, because of him. I am sure there are other famous people that have saved lots of lives and been credited. I will have to research this.

The third reason is that Stephen has already thought about renaming his airport before and decided against it. He had to consider before if he should rename it to “The John Howard Airport” and he decided not to. Stephen agreed that Dr David Warren is a better choice, so that gives me some hope.

Stephen said he agreed with me that David Warren definitely needs more recognition and he is going to contact the other airports of Australia as well as Qantas and Virgin Australia. Right now he is going away for a week and when he comes back he is going to think about it for a few weeks and then give me another call. That will take us to March, so I am going to be thinking of good ideas and praying a lot until then.

I really need some convincing reasons for when I next speak to Stephen Byron and would love your help. If you have ideas, please post them on my facebook page facebook.com/EveCogan.Australia
Or you can email me (evecogan on gmail) if you want to keep it private.

I promise to keep you updated.

Thank you