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Video: The World’s First Missing Plane – 83 years before MH370

The tragic 2014 flight, MH370 is a flight full of mystery. It was an airliner to take off and never land. Have you ever wondered which was the first plane to take off and never be found again?

Well before …

Stavroula Mavrogeorgis, my Yiayia

Posted on April 16th, by evecogan in Featured/Important. 3 comments

5th November 1939 – 31st March 2016

Age 76


Stavroula was my Yiayia, my grandmother who I loved very much. Yiayia was a very big part of my life and I was left heartbroken when she died …

Video: Everything you need to know about Ecstasy

Posted on March 26th, by evecogan in College/School, Featured/Important, General. 1 Comment

At school we have been busy learning about drugs this term. For my Physical Health and Development (PDH) assessment, we were given the task of creating a video on a drug of our choice. The choices available were cocaine, ecstasy …

Video: Interview with Alicia Fejer (Lish) and Eve Cogan on Canberra Radio ABC 666

Posted on February 7th, by evecogan in Dashcams, David Warren (Black Box), Featured/Important, Interview. No Comments

Lish from 666 ABC Canberra asked me to tell my story. It has been a while since I have been on radio, so you can just imagine my excitement when I got an email from Sunday Brunch radio host in …

What should Eve Cogan do next?

Posted on January 27th, by evecogan in Dashcams, David Warren (Black Box), Featured/Important, General. 4 comments

Option 1: I have planned to start a new petition to name Sydney’s new 2nd Airport “Western Sydney (David Warren) Airport”. I think it would nicely match our current airport called “Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport”. Know more

Option 2: I …

Video: My story so far… Do you want to name our new Western Sydney Airport “David Warren”?

Posted on January 27th, by evecogan in David Warren (Black Box), Featured/Important, General. 3 comments

Change is in the air again! It has been 3 years since I started my petition to rename Canberra Airport in honour of David Warren, the inventor of the Black Box and air safety pioneer. It has been 3 years …

Australia: Let’s Figure Out what is going Wrong on our Roads

Posted on January 27th, by evecogan in Dashcams, David Warren (Black Box), Featured/Important, General. 5 comments

I want to reduce the number of car deaths on our roads. I have been thinking about this important idea for some time – mandatory Black Boxes in all new cars. How many times do you notice people honk other …

Looking Back on 2015

Posted on January 7th, by evecogan in Achievements, College/School, Featured/Important, General. 4 comments

Year 8 is over, and before I begin Year 9 I want to again reflect (as I did for Year 7) on the highlights of last year, 2015. I have never had such an exciting year to reflect …

Video: Why Uber Is Great

Posted on September 27th, by evecogan in College/School, Featured/Important, General. 2 comments

This year in English, I wrote about Uber and did a speech. Whenever I get an opportunity like this, I am always excited and the talk went well! I did my talk about Uber. Uber is a taxi service in …

Video: Not for Beauty, for Health

Posted on September 6th, by evecogan in College/School, Featured/Important. 1 Comment

My video explains unachievable beauty that photoshopping creates. The video’s goal is to inspire young girls to *not* diet and exercise in the name of beauty, but in the name of health.

This is my Assessment for St Vincent’s College, …

Video: The Power of Education

Posted on August 18th, by evecogan in College/School, Documentary, Featured/Important, General. 1 Comment

In Year 8 this year at St Vincent’s, I have had to create many videos for my assessment tasks, even Maths. This video is for geography and it was made on Premier Pro and PowToons.

“Give a man a fish,

I’m an Honorary Member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) !

Posted on July 13th, by evecogan in Achievements, David Warren (Black Box), Featured/Important, MH370. 2 comments

I am so pleased to be a junior honorary member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, better known as ISASI. I’m the first junior member and I was also given my very own ISASI ID card.


Left to right Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, Eve Cogan, President Frank Del Gandio


Looking back at Year 7

Posted on January 31st, by evecogan in College/School, Featured/Important, General. 3 comments

This week I started school again. At school I found myself reflecting on Year 7 at St Vincent’s College. I had just turned 12 and my first year of high school was a year to remember! At the beginning of …

My speech in Wagga Wagga for the Take Charge Youth Leadership forum

Posted on January 28th, by evecogan in Achievements, David Warren (Black Box), Featured/Important. 5 comments

Figure: Here is my ‘1 minute remix’ of the Take Charge event

Late last year, in 2014, I did my first keynote speech! In fact, it was my first speech outside of school. I’ve put together a ‘1 minute remix’ …

2nd time lucky for the Lionel Bowen Young Writers’ Award 2014

Posted on December 7th, by evecogan in Achievements, College/School, Featured/Important. 2 comments


I am very happy to announce that I have come 3nd this year for the Randwick City Lionel Bowen Young Writers’ Award 2014. This is the second time I have placed in this prestigious competition against hundreds of great …

Poem: Where the Land Meets the Sea

Posted on October 22nd, by evecogan in College/School, Featured/Important. 3 comments

This year, I decided to enter the Lionel Bowen Young Writers Award 2014 again. This is my second time entering a poem the competition and after my unexpected win in year 5, I doubt I’ll be second time lucky!…

Make Every Post Count

Posted on October 6th, by evecogan in College/School. 1 Comment

I wrote this speech for my Year 7 English assessment at school. It was worth 25% of my grade. It was well received by the students. I was inspired after watching how my fellow students use Instagram and I wanted …

Our Warheads advertisement – A warzone in your mouth

Posted on September 7th, by evecogan in College/School, Photography. No Comments

My Music Assessment for Year 7 is done. We had a music assignment to make a jingle and an ad for a product of our choice.

This was the first time I was wholly behind the camera and I enjoyed …

What Matters – Searching the Ocean or Reinventing the Black Box?

Posted on July 4th, by evecogan in David Warren (Black Box), General, MH370. 2 comments

Last week I entered a writing competition. I love English and my school encouraged all students to enter the Whitlam Institute’s “What Matters” Writing competition.

This blog post is my entry (it is actually a longer version than what I …

After MH370, when will they listen to Captain De Crespigny’s warning?

Posted on May 14th, by evecogan in David Warren (Black Box), General, Interview, MH370. 1 Comment

“They are going to have to rethink the logic of how they keep the flight recorder going.”

Captain De Crespigny’s prophetic warning 2 years before MH 370.
(See  5:02 in above YouTube video)

I interviewed Australia’s most famous pilot, Captain

Year 7: My First Term at St Vincent’s College

Posted on April 27th, by evecogan in College/School. 2 comments

I have just finished my first term of high school at St Vincent’s College, Potts Point, Sydney. It is known as SVC or Vinnies.

Our swimming carnival was 2nd week of school.

Our swimming carnival was 2nd week of school.

St Vincent’s College is definitely a place that …

Perfect Match

Posted on April 25th, by evecogan in College/School, General. 1 Comment

I spent the Easter break at a farm in Scone near to where my dad grew up. One night we had the biggest bonfire ever. It was at least 6 metres tall. After letting it burn for 3 hours we …

It’s Official! The David Warren Building Opens

Posted on March 25th, by evecogan in Achievements, David Warren (Black Box). 18 comments

Today on a beautiful day in Canberra, Tuesday the 25th March, 2014, Dr David Warren was recognised by the Canberra Airport! It was so fulfilling seeing the first recognition of David Warren in our nations capital, Canberra. Thank you Stephen …

Happy Birthday David Warren

Posted on March 21st, by evecogan in David Warren (Black Box). 1 Comment

Yesterday was Dr David Warren’s birthday. He was born on the 20 March 1925, so he would have been 89 if he was alive today. He would be very concerned about the still unresolved Malaysia Airlines MH370 as it enters …

Wi-Fi – Behind the scenes #VideoMaking

Posted on March 9th, by evecogan in Documentary. 2 comments

I have had some emails asking me how I made my latest Wi-Fi video. Making this video was definitely challenging and fun and much less work and stress than my last David Warren Black Box video.

I wanted …

Exciting news: Canberra Airport gets the “David Warren Complex”

Posted on February 22nd, by evecogan in Achievements, David Warren (Black Box). 26 comments

I am so happy to tell you about some exciting news… And no, it is not Australia winning a Gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

For those who have been asking for an update, thank you for …

Video: The End – My closing speech as 2013 Claremont College, Girl School Captain

Posted on January 7th, by evecogan in General. 4 comments

2013 was an amazing year for me. I was blessed with so many opportunities from a great school and great teachers. Along with my fellow students, we learnt, laughed and grew.

As the girl School Captain, I was proud to …

Video: Wi-Fi – An invention that has changed the world

Posted on October 15th, by evecogan in Documentary, Interview. 12 comments

My video is about the Australian inventors of Wi-Fi and their legal struggle against the IT giants of the world. Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP, Toshiba, Netgear, ASUS, Fujitsu, Nintendo and more.

I included part of my interviews with the …

Video: Top 5 Most Evil People to Ever Live

Posted on October 12th, by evecogan in General. 2 comments


I made this video for a school assignment last term. Unfortunately I was not allowed to show it to my year 6 class mates. I think my teacher gave it an R rating :-). Next time I …

Poem: From Despair…

Posted on July 30th, by evecogan in General. 1 Comment

I have entered my second poem contest called ‘Sydney Youth Writing Competition‘. There is only one primary rule. You need to include one of these words: Light, Fly or Creek.

Last year I entered a poem called ‘In the

Photography: A reflection on my Favourite Cameras

Posted on June 25th, by evecogan in Photography. 1 Comment

While producing my first photography album “Droplets of Life” I have learnt more than I expected about cameras and what they can achieve.

Your best photos don’t always come from the most expensive cameras.

I used five cameras and it …

Send a tweet to your local Member of Parliament

Posted on June 13th, by evecogan in David Warren (Black Box). 1 Comment

For my Year 6 homework I was asked to write a letter to my local member of parliament, about an issue that I care about. I started writing a letter to my local member who is Peter Garrett AM MP. …

My First Photography Album “Droplets of Life”

Posted on June 4th, by evecogan in Photography. 3 comments


My Album:

All photos have a story to tell.
Many photos have meaning.
Each photo, is a moment caught in time.
-Eve Cogan

I am thrilled to have completed my first photography album “Droplets of Life”. This has been …

Gun Control in Australia

Posted on May 21st, by evecogan in General. 2 comments

no-thongs-allowedIn our beach side suburb Coogee, a hot topic at our local RSL club is whether we should relax our footwear policies to allow the commonly worn ‘thongs’. That is a long way from gun control, which is the hot …

My School Captain Feet Washing Induction Ceremony

Posted on February 21st, by evecogan in General. 3 comments

Updated the video: Sorry, I was asked to hide one person.

At the end of last year, a few children from my school were selected to do a School Captains speech, an opportunity to explain why they would make a …

Three Key Elements of Building an Awesome Documentary

Posted on February 12th, by evecogan in General. 4 comments

I really enjoyed watching Mega Builders “Episode 23: Floating Bridge” about a bridge in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  This is a documentary about how engineers had to build a bridge in the most difficult way. They had to build a …

NIDA – Completing a Production

Posted on February 6th, by evecogan in General. 1 Comment

During my life I have always loved acting and public speaking. NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) has really helped me improve these skills. Speaking in public is never easy, but becomes easier with practice.  My auntie was a great …

Update: I received a call from the Managing Director of Canberra Airport

Posted on January 31st, by evecogan in General. 41 comments

I have had so many people ask me for an update. Rather than answer all my emails one by one, I will tell you all at once. I received the call I have been waiting for. It was from Stephen …

10 Things About Me

Posted on January 31st, by evecogan in General. No Comments

I am back at school and it is very exciting because we have a brand new classroom and two very dedicated teachers. At school we were asked to write down “10 things about yourself”. I hope you like it.Eve-Cogan-10-Years-Old

1. …

The two most famous pilots in the world vote for my petition

Posted on January 29th, by evecogan in General. 8 comments

I have some wonderful news to share with everyone: The two most heroic pilots in the world have voted on my petition.

First, Captain Sully, he is the pilot of the first successful water landing on the Hudson River …

The pilot who saved the Qantas A380 – Captain Richard De Crespigny Interviewed by Eve Cogan

Posted on December 30th, by evecogan in Featured/Important, Interview. 9 comments

I interviewed Captain Richard De Crespigny, the pilot who saved the Qantas A380 that had an engine failure when it took off from Singapore. Together with the co-pilots they managed to …

You have to be in it, to win it! The Lionel Bowen Young Writers Awards

Posted on December 14th, by evecogan in Achievements. 9 comments

In June of this year, I posted a blog about the poem I wrote and entered into the Lionel Bowen Young Writers Awards.  The poem was called “In The Ocean’s Arms”.  I received many lovely comments from all the readers.…

Yesterday I was interviewed by Peter Dick and Mary Collier on Brisbane Radio 4BC

Posted on November 29th, by evecogan in Interview. No Comments

4BC logoThis time was different to my last interview. This time there was no warm up, they rang my house and said

“Is this this the residence of Eve Cogan”

No one …

I just did my first Radio Interview with ABC Canberra 666

Posted on November 27th, by evecogan in Interview. 4 comments

ABC logoI did my first radio interview today and it was a wonderful experience.

I was interviewed by Genevieve Jacobs. I really did not know what to expect, but she was …

David Warren’s Amazing Black Box

Posted on November 20th, by evecogan in Documentary, Featured/Important. 22 comments

Let me tell you about my proudest school project. This initially started off as a project for my school. It’s the S.K Austin Award and it’s the biggest assignment that we get in year 5 and year 6. …

The Dot – Peter H Reynolds helping others to gain self confidence

Posted on October 14th, by evecogan in General. 3 comments

I generally like reading substantial novels like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. I also like a quick short story too, but there is another way to enjoy a story and that is by watching a short story converted to video. …

My Tunguska Documentary by 10 year old Eve Cogan

Posted on September 26th, by evecogan in Documentary, Featured/Important. 8 comments

Enjoy my Tunguska video and tell me how it could be improved.

For my school project, I had to choose a natural disaster and find an interesting way to present it. …

Poem: In The Ocean’s Arms

Posted on September 25th, by evecogan in College/School. 5 comments

UPDATE:  I won it!

I decided to enter the ‘Young Writers Competition’ this year. This is my first time entering, so I don’t expect to win, but I’ve really tried my best to create a great poem. The only …

Welcome to Eve’s Blog

Posted on April 20th, by evecogan in General. 2 comments

Welcome to my blog. At first I resisted doing this but I saw my little sister (Ruby Cogan) was powering ahead with her blog. I decided to take the plunge and my dad (Adam Cogan) was …