What should Eve Cogan do next?

Option 1: I have planned to start a new petition to name Sydney’s new 2nd Airport “Western Sydney (David Warren) Airport”. I think it would nicely match our current airport called “Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport”. Know more

Option 2: I have been thinking over another important idea for some time – mandatory Black Boxes in all new cars. Today too many young drivers are driving distracted. When an accident happens, investigators work out what happened, but not why. Was the driver sleepy? Was the driver sending an text? They can only guess. Know more

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What should Eve Cogan do next?

Get the new Sydney Airport named “Western Sydney (David Warren) Airport”?
Get Black Boxes mandatory in all new cars in Australia (to pressure the younger generation to stop looking at their phones when they are driving)?
Both (last resort)
Other (please specify on the comments)

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